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War Against Terror.


Part one.

1. The UN should determinate in the international law what is terrorism, terror organization and what is the difference between them and gorillas, opposition parties and extremists parties or organizations.
2. Terrorists act from distance, they uses territory of third countries that allow them to act. Sometime those organizations acts in several countries.
We should determinate the relation between country that suffer from terror acts from specific terror organization and this organization like “state of war”.
This way, when we have:
a) UN recognition the specific organization as terror organization.
b) Public (well known all over the world) or court recognition in specific person as participating in this organisation.
in this case we can use all the tools of regular war to take care in this organisation.
We can demolish those persons, we can bring them to court as well, and judge them according to international law.
We can also arrest all people who support, participate in or claim solidarity with those specific terror organisation.

Part two.

Some terror organisations use other countries for their action. And those countries don’t give a shit. And governments in some countries call for opposition parties as terror organisation. We should be clear here.

All countries should act against terror organisations that are claimed to be so by UN, or don’t disturb to other countries to do so.
Each country which give basement to terror organisation – refuse to act against them and remove from other countries the ability to act by themselves, should be invaded by NATO troops after the design of international court that they are doing that.

24 March 2004
‏ב’ ניסן תשס”ד

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